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A compendium of information on all aspects of German forces, originally issued by the US War Department in March 1945 as a restricted document. It examines German military personnel from the lowest levels to the High Command, and describes the Wehrmacht's administrative structure, unit organization, field tactics, fortification and defense systems, weapons and other equipment, and uniforms and insignia. Includes tables, organizational charts, and illustrations View Over 22 Pages Taken From This Book Online At Amazon CLICK HERE Many Pictures Included

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German Forces - The German Armed Forces 1919-1945 -
History research page with a focus on the German Armed forces from 1919 to 1945. Provides on-line forums, pictures, formations, unit histories, glossary, and news.
The Gebirgsjäger -
Offers history of German mountain troops in the Second World War. Includes units, photos, equipment, and related links.
A Raid on Munich -
Account of a bombing raid over Germany during WW2 and the capture, imprisonment and forced death march that ensued.
Foreign volunteers in the German army -
Page shows arm shields worn by foreign volunteers serving in the German armed forces 1939-1945.

German Army and SS

World War II Day by Day -
Information about the Wehrmacht 1939-1945, plus a detailed daily report section.
12th SS Panzerdivision "Hitlerjugend" -
Covers the 12th SS Panzerdivision, manned by members of the Hitler Youth (Hitlerjugend). Includes photos, background history, organisational details and profiles of key figures.
Waffen-SS Order of Battle -
Provides extensive information on the Waffen-SS, including coverage of the atrocities committed by the organisation.

Hitler, Adolf

TIME 100: Leaders & Revolutionaries - Adolf Hitler -
An essay written by Holocaust survivor and noted author Elie Wiesel on Adolf Hitler and the nature of evil.
The History Place - The Rise of Adolf Hitler -
A complete history 24 chapters covering the rise of Adolf Hitler from unknown to dictator of Germany. Includes photos.
Hitler, Adolf -
A biography, with references.
Did Hitler know about the holocaust? A psychological assessment. -
A psychological assessment considering indicators that Hitler was fully aware of the implementation of the holocaust. References.
Wall Street and the Rise of Hitler, by Antony C. Sutton -
An online book examining the relationship between Hitler and international financiers. - The WWII Sounds & Pictures Page -
Archive featuring wavs, images and video of Adolf Hitler.
Proverbial Manipulation in Adolf Hitler's Mein Kampf -,1,1,95/HITLER.html
Online academic article by Wolfgang Mieder examining Hitler's use of language in Mein Kampf.
Mein Kampf -
Translation of Adolf Hitler's book.
Teachers Guide: Adolf Hitler -
A synopsis of key points about Adolf Hitler and his significance from an educational site on the Holocaust.
Adolf Hitler -
Images, criticisms of Hitler and Real Audio of the Nazi dictator.
THHP Short Essay: Who was Adolf Hitler? -
A short biography of the Fuehrer of the Third Reich, Adolf Hitler from the Holocaust History Project.
Adolf Hitler - Master of Destruction -
Profiles the Führer, his rise to power, and the Holocaust. Includes images, books and links. From a Danish Holocaust site.
The Religious Views of Adolf Hitler -
Series of quotations of Hitler on religion.
Hitler and Poland -
Excerpt from "Nazi Conspiracy and Aggression, Volume One" on Hitler's plans to invade Poland.
The nature of abuse -
Text by Alice Miller examinining childhood mistreatment as a factor in Hitlers' and his accomplices' acts.
Myth: Hitler was a leftist -
Essay refuting the assertion that Hitler or the Nazi regime were socialist in character.
Adolf -
A non-political resource and archive site, offering a biography, speech and document archive, images of Hitler's artowrk, and general information about the period.
Handwriting Adolf Hitler Samples -
Includes pictures of Hitler's handwriting with commentary telling how it shows his mental state.
Adolf Hitler - The Man Behind The Myth -
Article that looks at the personality of Hitler. Includes stories and pictures.
Adolf Hitler's Views and Opinions of Democracy -
A college-level research paper outlining Hitler's views of democracy and government.
Adolf Hitler Original Artworks -
Images and descriptions of some of Hitler's artwork.


Luftwaffe Resource Page - http://WWW.WARBIRDSRESOURCEGROUP.ORG/LRG/index.html
Aims to provide a resource that covers all aspects of the Luftwaffe from 1935. Profiles the weapons and equipment used by the Luftwaffe.
Erich Hartmann - Top German Ace -
Biography of Erich Hartmann, Luftwaffe Bf-109 pilot on the Russian Front who shot down 352 enemy airplanes, making him the highest-scoring ace of World War II.

German Navy

Bismarck & Tirpitz -
Describes the design and operational history of Nazi Germany's two biggest battleships, the Bismarck and Tirpitz. Photographs, links.
U-Boat U-35-
A complete history of the German U-Boat U 35 and its crews, pre-war and wartime cruises, Prisoners of War, and post-war reunions.
Kriegsmarine Photo Collection -
Photographs of U-Boats, the crews, uniforms they wore, officers.